Breaking the
Boundaries of Conditioning

Dora Copeland, MA (Special and Inclusive Education), LLM (Human Rights), PGCE, BSc (Hons) (Politics and Sociolinguistics), BSc (Hons) (Computing), CELTA

Dora, a qualified teacher with over 15 years’ teaching experience in London, specialises in the provision of academic support for students of all kinds at all levels – both those who are seeking enhancement of their academic performance and those with special educational and behavioural needs who require a caring but disciplined approach. Her vocation is for the provision of holistic, lifelong education, regardless of the nature of her pupils’ educational background.

Dora is also a consultant to some of London’s leading private schools, and has successfully prepared many students for their 11+ and 13+ entrance exams and interviews.

It was Dora’s love of learning, coupled with her fascination with knowledge and her passion for human rights that led her to become a committed full-time educator.

In her spare time, Dora is a cartoonist.

This is one of my pieces

This is another one of my pieces