Dora Copeland
Educational Services

Alternative education has a wide range of applications ranging from attending to the individual needs of 3-year-old children to coaching adolescents (in life skills, study skills and time management) and assisting adults with their business development skills.

The objectives of the individual learning programmes I offer are:

1) to provide pupils with an enhanced perspective on life, identity and relationships, thus equipping them with fundamental life skills; and

2) to optimise pupils’ social and educational opportunities by improving their observation and recognition abilities, stimulating their curiosity and building self-confidence.

​In view of the wide-ranging nature of my experience, I can offer services in a considerable number of areas. Thus, if you would like to discuss ways of optimising the potential of anyone who is in need of an individual learning programme, it would be advisable to contact me directly. Be assured that I will do my utmost to help.

This is one of my pieces

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