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Here are some of our reviews, please view our trustpilot to add your own review


Our experience with our Tutor D has been nothing less than remarkable. Watching her work with O while she expanded his knowledge in a way he understood has been great. As a result, he has far advanced his learning and he is motivated and engaged in topics that have led to further exploration outside of his tutor hours. It has been a joy to watch O grow academically, and [I] would highly recommend D to anyone.


I would highly recommend Dora as a tutor. She goes out of her way to engage and identify strengths, targeting the needs of the individual. She has such a positive and enthusiastic manner. My daughter has complex needs and Dora has adapted the curriculum and teaching methodology to her needs.


I thought you would like to know that your interview skills training paid off, for Saira paid off and that Saira received a firm offer from her first choice school, Channing. Thank you for all your work in doing mock interviews and providing interview training for her.


I had a phone call from Ed Graham over at WCCS yesterday. I just wanted to let you know they are really impressed by you, and said you were professional, on the ball and displayed excellent class management skills. Well done!


Dora has been working with our son for 4 hours a week since the end of February 2020 teaching English and Maths Functional Skills. Our son has many SEN [issues] and can be tricky to motivate. Dora is incredibly positive and flexible and well prepared. Our son (aged 16) is engaged and progressing. We are so grateful to Dora. Very happy with her tutoring.


Dora prepared my son for his 11+ exams to Ilford County Grammar School for Boys. I am most satisfied with her ongoing support as my son is currently in the highest set in Maths and English (Master Level). Dora has managed to develop such a unique and positive working relationship with my children that they cannot imagine any other tutoring scenario. They truly look forward to their sessions and consider them genuine fun.


Dora has been tutoring our two older children (a boy and a girl) for a bit over three months now and during this time we have noted a great improvement in not only the children’s maths and literature work but also in their confidence levels. Dora makes the lessons fun and both the children are very fond of Dora. We can highly recommend Dora as a tutor.


Dora has been very professional with her teaching strategies, which helped my son in learning confidence. Dora has been very helpful with her feedback and improvement plan after every class, which is very helpful and clear to me as parent. Many thanks for your support. Highly recommended.

Katherine Neal

Dora is a superstar. Our children are switching from French education system to British system and Dora arrived, full of enthusiasm, positive reassurance and a deep knowledge on the uk testing and school in systems. She was very reactive, very available and supported us throughout the process. The girls like working with her and she has a perfect balance of upbeat energy with serious learning. I would recommend highly for test prep or general learning support. Thank you, Dora!


Dora has been the most wonderful tutor to my three children, aged 13/10/8. With her positive attitude and personality, in an incredible way she has managed to have all my children look forward to their classes with her. Not only did my children progress academically, but also they became more and more confident about their personal skills and abilities as Dora has a way to make all children feel special. My 11+ and 8+ children got into the school of their choice (Francis Holland and Wetherby Prep) and that is all thanks to Dora. I highly recommend her!

Marie-Helene Afrashteh

Dora has been providing learning support to our daughter, which helped enormously with building her confidence and catching up on many missed lessons due to her illness. We are extremely grateful that we met her.

Vasiliki P

Dora is a very professional education teacher. She has a great way about managing kids with special needs. She is positive thorough extremely professional. She always takes the time to prepare and give feedback. We love her. She has made a very positive impact on my daughter.

Gerli Pohla

Dora is the best! She is understanding, patient, punctual, warm, enthusiastic, dedicated and very caring. She has never disappointed us, never! She does her work with such dedication. And she gets along with children so well. She is amazing!

morello mess

My child has been tutored for all ks3 classes by Dora since September last year, she is amazing, I cannot fault her, she is understanding, patient, punctual, warm, accessible, enthusiastic, talented, dedicated and caring.

She has excellent communication skills, she listens to my child and she is able to break tasks down, for my child to easily understand. She makes the lessons fun, interesting and simple, even when it’s a huge assignment.

My child struggles with ASD, homework and huge anxiety. Without Dora, we would be lost. We have never met an academic professional that has a gift for teaching. She always keeps me up to date on my child’s progress, we appreciate every minute we have of Dora. She has helped and shaped my child with confidence and has made education so much fun. Dora is an amazing woman all around. We are delighted to work with her. Your support means the world to use. Hats off to her. 7* Tutor!