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Improving Academic Performance

In order to improve my pupils' academic performance (in the areas of English, Maths, confidence, independence and interpersonal communication), I make use of the following educational methods:

  •  Teaching analytical skills (inference, summarising, discarding unnecessary information)

  • Teaching executive function skills (e.g., planning and prioritisation, task initiation, time management, organisation, sustained attention, goal-directed persistence, metacognition and cognitive flexibility)

  • Teaching basic skills in English (SPaG – spelling, punctuation and grammar)

  • Teaching clarity of oral and written expression (syntax, vocabulary, connotations) – depending on the individual pupil’s needs and abilities

  • Teaching reading comprehension and inference techniques (identifying explicit and implicit information)

  • Teaching self-assessment and critical thinking

  • Teaching revision and study skills

  • Teaching independence and developing interpersonal communication skills

  • Teaching creative writing

  • Teaching interview techniques and preparation for 11+ and 13+ entrance exam interviews

  • Teaching essay planning and management at high school, undergraduate and postgraduate levels

  • Devising individual learning plans on the basis of pupils’ performance and/or Education Health Care Plans

  • Providing homework support

  • Teaching English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Maths for the 8+ and 11+ Independent Schools Examinations Board exams (including use of the Atom Learning platform*)

  • Teaching creative writing

  • E-learning (IXL, Corbett Maths, Maths Workout, Atom Learning*, Mathsframe, Seneca Learning, etc.)

  • Teaching Maths (especially algebra) to Key Stage 2 - Key Stage 4, and GCSE preparation

  • Acting as a life coach / academic mentor

  • Adult education 


*Atom Learning is an educational platform offering tailored revision courses for the

ISEB Common Pre-Tests, and for the 11+ and London Consortium exams. It not only

enables pupils to practise their Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, comprehension, inference, punctuation and 11+ Maths skills, but also provides a superb system for the creation of individual learning plans that take pupils’ specific needs into account.



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